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Looking for OLD Andy Stewart songs/lyrics

Hi! While I'm studying Scottish Gaelic right now and listening to lots of that music, I'm trying to find two OLD tunes sung by an "Andy Stewart." The songs are in English, although sung with a VERY heavy Scottish accent. The two songs are:

Nae Sae Bad

That's the Reason Noo I Wear the Kilt

Anyone know of these tunes or can point me where I could find them?

Several of the gentlemen's albums are still available on CD, but none have either of these two songs on them!

Moran taing!


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Re: Looking for OLD Andy Stewart songs/lyrics


Andy Stewart

Andy Stewart's Scotland - Bonnie Ballads Of The Highlands / 196? / Capitol ST 10320

VG++ / VG++ / $17.00Record sold

U.K. release. Nae Sae Bad, By The Lochside, Kissin' In The Dark, My Hameland, Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie, Cailin Mo Ruin-Sa (The Maid I Adore), The Heart Of Midlothian, The Road And The Miles To Dundee, That's The Reason Noo I Wear The Kilt, When You And I Were Young Maggie, The Bonnie Lassie O' Dundee, The Summer Road

Contact that person to try and get hold of that LP :)

Re: Looking for OLD Andy Stewart songs/lyrics

as for lyrics

For ma guid fier, Peter Wright

The Goose Pie's on the Caistle Hill,
It's nae sae bad, nor nae sae ill,
Tho Honest Allan liked his yuill,
He sauved a sum,
Tae pey for ilka winock sill,
Foredoor an lum.

Blyth thair he bidit bi his hairth,
Wi muckle lauchter, sang an mirth,
An fowk wad come frae ilka airth,
His vairse tae pree:
The Gentle Shepherd pruived its wirth,
It bore the gree.

Apon a plinth they stanced his limn,
Kerved ooten stane, aye mindin him,
Wha stieve Parnassus Brae did sclim,
An scrievit braw
Byordinar vairse at aye wull glim,
Or Lest Trump's blaw.

His limn keeks nou ower Princes Street,
In simmer's hait or wunter's weet,
But fegs! it certes gars me greet,
Tae ken at fowk,
Wad raither gowp ablow his feet,
At some wee gowk!

is that nae sae bad?

the other one is really easy to find just google search That's the Reason Noo I Wear the Kilt, and at leats one or 2 will have the lyrics

Re: Looking for OLD Andy Stewart songs/lyrics

Thanks for the album info...I'll try that.

As for the lyrics...it's a different song. All I remember is some word of the chorus:

Nae sae bad, that's what they say,
Nae sae bad, every day,
It's never not so good it's not so bad....
It won't cause a great sensation but sums up the situation
For no matter what it is, it's nae sae bad!

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Re: Looking for OLD Andy Stewart songs/lyrics


You can order sheet music for it and it may have words

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