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Thig crioch air an t-saoghal ach mairidh ceol agus gaol.
The world will come to an end, but music and love will endure.

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New to the forum: typing in Irish?

New to the forum.

Would like to make Word documents of the lyrics I've collected over time, but I don't know how to type the different punctuation marks necessary for the Irish language. Thanks for any help, I look forward to learning from this forum!

Re: New to the forum: typing in Irish?

Well, there are two ways:

1) Use keyboard codes - press and hold the ALT key while typing in a number code.
á = ALT + 160
é = ALT + 130
í = ALT + 161
ó = ALT + 162
ú = ALT + 163
Á = ALT + 0193
É = ALT + 0201
Í = ALT + 0205
Ó = ALT + 0211
Ú = ALT + 0218

2) From the top menu options, click on "Insert" and choose "Symbol..." A box will pop up that has all of the different symbols that MSWord uses. Just double click on the letter(s) you need.

Hope this helps!

Hasta luego,

Re: New to the forum: typing in Irish?

Lisa, a chara,

You can type fadas i nGaelige na hÉireann (Irish) by setting your keyboard layout to US-International (in the language bar) and hitting the single-quote key ONCE, then typing the vowel you want to add the fada to, like so.

Slán abhaile!
Éireann go bragh!
Póg mo thoin Éireannach!

And so forth..

Good luck,

Ríann Ó Leahy

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