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Roan Inish soundtrack

Does anyone have the lyrics for "Fiona's Lullaby" and "Selke Song" from the 'The Secret of Roan Inish' soundtrack? I believe they are both performed by Eileen Loughanne.

Re: Roan Inish soundtrack

Yes, they are available. The lullaby Fiona's mother sings is "Einini" available on "Singing in Irish Gaelic" CD book set. The selke song is "An Mhaghdean Mhara". It is a very old traditional song and if you will excuse my spelling, should be easy to find the lyrics to. If you search on youtube for "Niabh McElduff" , she is a darling young girl singing the selke song sean nos (unaccompanied) style. I have found google immensely helpful for lyrics. Hope this helps!

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