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On our Alvin's passing

This is such a sad day for Alvin's fans, his band mates, friends and family of course and I am in awe of the flood of kind tributes, memories and messages of condolence on Alvin's Facebook pages in the last few hours. Every one from a person whose life has been touched and lightened by Alvin's talent and grace and the professionalism of Alvin and his band for a few hours.

For myself I'm out of words now and still dazed with shock. But Alvin's friend and tour manager, Dave Harness had already started work on this heritage site some time ago, so here it is : - please celebrate and enjoy the life of Bernard Jewry, who became Shane Fenton, and then Alvin Stardust.

Re: On our Alvin's passing

Alvin was a great guy, amazing performer and a very brave man to continue performing when he knew he was ill. To hear of his passing is a very sad occasion. My heart goes out to his family and friends and all the peoples lives he touched through his kindness and music. Rest in peace Alvin. Rock out up there

Re: On our Alvin's passing

I would just like to say that another legend has left us and gone to the great beyond. RIP alvin. you will always be remembered in your music.

Re: On our Alvin's passing

Good evening to all Alvin`s fans & to Julie, Millie & all of Alvin`s family & of course Dave his tour manager, i echo Evelyn`s sentiments & i`m still very much in shock & trying to get my head around my fantastic friend`s passing my deepest condolences & prayers & thoughts are sent to everyone that i`ve mentioned, RIP my very good friend Alvin Stardust, rock them all up there in heaven, farewell my fantastic friend, from

Re: On our Alvin's passing

We are just adding our thoughts to such a great guy. We first saw Alvin on TV and liked him and his music ever since. Lucky for us we have been going to Butlins for many years. And through Butlins have got too meet chat and know Alvin and some of his family too. I'd just like to add how much enjoyment Alvin has brought us and will continue to do so. I've a pic or two with him, and enjoyed our chats. Are thoughts go out too you all especially near and dearest to him, god bless and be with you all.