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The Glove

When I first saw you on TOTP in 73, I was starstruck, you were so mean, moody and magnificent, a very professional performance, you dared to be different in a world of glam and glitter, and it worked so well that you carried it off for the rest of your career, sheer brilliance.
I'll remember you for the rest of my life, and will always treasure your music.
I decided a few months ago that when my time comes, I'd like to go out to the superb Sweet Cheatin' Rita, my favourite song of yours.
My thoughts now are with your family and friends, who must all be so proud that they knew and loved you.
May you Rest In Peace, Alvin Stardust, the Man In Black.

Re: The Glove

Great tribute Allen, agree with every word you have written.
I am now thinking of which tune I would like to 'go out to'. Jealous mind is my favourite but words are not appropriate!