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Thankyou Alvin!

I met Alvin back in 2001 in Brentwood and
had only been a fan for maybe a year as i was still at collage.
When i went into the hall and ask very nicely if i would be able to meet him?
hang on the man at the door said. 5mins later outcame a gingery haired man
in a blue shirt, it was Alvin. We spoke for a few mins before he
had to go get ready. I went and sat down waiting for the show to start.

Seeing him up onstage with the black leather glove
Singing My Coo ca choo....Wow it was Amazing.
He noticed me in the front row and pointed with that iconic
look as to say nice meeting you kid.
I never forgot meeting him and never will.

For the last ten years now i have been singing in my own
Group all around Kent which i wouldnt be doing if it wasnt
For people like Alvin who made me think Yes i want to
Do what hes doing. I love putting the glove on and singing
Coo ca choo and You You You etc...
I had really hoped to meet Alvin again and maybe sing
with him just one song but whenever he was anywhere near chances were
that i was also working that night too.

Im so shocked and saddend by his passing and really just
want to say Thankyou Alvin.
Miss you already