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Alvin and Julie

My Darling Julie, Words cannot be said, how amazing you are, with coping with the press, which was Alvins wishes, and looking after your family...on the morning that Your Beautiful, wonderful Husband went to find his new life, again with, Marge after all this time... My Mum & Dad will also be there waiting for him..My Mum will have a Jam sandwich ready and waiting... They will all "Jive in the aisles" as Marge used to say... she loved that, every time that I went with her, we did just that...
Julie I am here for you, 24/7... pick up the phone... even just for a chat...
Ive loved you for 27 years, and Alvin for 55 yrs, as have all my Family, who also have met Alvin, lots of times, and shared his fabulous stories.. Ive shared many times with you, and am here for you,
Please let me know what day Alvins funeral will be. Love you Baby, be strong..If you want us to do anything please call...
Love you sweetie,
Martin and Sandy xxx.