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memories of Alvin

I will never forget the night I took my mum to see Alvin at the rotherham civic theatre.I couldn't quite believe that Alvin Stardust was actually coming to rotherham to perform , as I have adored him since I was in my teens in the seventies and first saw him sing. It was such a lovely night and my mum (even though she was from a different generation but loved Alvin and his music)and I thoroughly enjoy the show and were even more excited when he came out to meet his adoring fans and sign autographs. He was such a nice guy and after all those years of adoring him he was just as we had imagined a true gentleman and very friendly. I can't quite believe that since that night I have not only lost my lovely mum but now Alvin who made that night special for both of us. I will treasure the memories of that night forever. My thoughts are with Julie and all his family and friends. We will never forget him.and his music will be played and loved forever.xxxx