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Not sure how to write this message and i do not to be annoying in any way.

i came across The Dragon Sovereignty while researching my mothers possible family tie to the macgregors (related to King Alpin). My mothers surname is Grierson and i have managed to trace her family back to Samuel Grierson early 1700\\\'s Ruthwell, Dumfrieshire, Scotland, but as of yet no further back.

So not having a clear link on paper and not having a DNA test, i cannot claim
we are of Dragon Blood Linage.

My mother and myself were born blond (our hair has got darker, dark blond with red that glistens in the sun). My sister and my son have blond hair and blue eyes. My mother and myself have eyes that change between blue, grey and green depending on the light.
My father Ian Ernest Reed (i have been unable to trace his line) had black hair and one eye was grey, the other iris was half green and half hazel.

However it is not the physical traits that have driven me to write this message. It was on your site was the first time that i came anyone else mentioning \\\'seeing\\\' (4d,5d,6d) something that myself, my mother and son have always known. We have never come across anyone that has this ability and i was intrigued when your site says this is a Dragon trait.

There are many things written on your site that got my cerebral juices flowing, as they are linked to all that i have been learning/remembering in my life long study/quest/magnum opus. i would love to discuss this aspect in more detail if that is okay. however, i am not too sure about posting everything on a public forum.

i would need to discuss in detail these \\\'abilities\\\' i have, because according to your site they are only in the Dragon Bloodline. i will only do this in a private message or email. Of course at your will.

Forgive me for asking so much (esp as no proof of Linage), it is just very exciting to find others that can \\\'see\\\' etc.

Thank you from my heart!
(d.o.b 06/01/1980, London UK)

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hello.. thanks in advance.. was wondering where one could examine the traits of dragon lineage.. :) ...