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Family History


It is nice to find a website that shares my interest, you have no idea how hard it is to find one in this day and age. I am a spiritualist, but I don’t push my beliefs on anyone that doesn't want to be a part of it. I was recently doing genealogical research and I came across De Vere's in my tree, I was wondering if anyone could help me considering that most if not all on this site have a family blood tie. I was only able to get back to the Fairy Melusine in this line, however on the other line that is connected to Matilda of Flanders and William the Conqueror (on both sides) I was able to get back to the Greek and Norse gods. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help.

Thank you,

Austin J. Pomper

Re: Family History

Here are my ancestors

Austin James Pomper (Me)→Steve Pomper→Theresa Russell→William Russell→Mary Catherine Williams→William J Williams→Thomas Williams→Margret Perry→William Perry→John Perry→Zacharias Perry→William Perry→William Perry→Benedict Bennet Perry→Thomas Perry→Henry Perry→Anne Reade→Sir William Reade→Edmund Reade II→Christina James→Catherine De La Pole→Elizabeth De Handlo→Isabella De St.Amand→Margaret Despencer→Hugh Despencer→Hugh Despencer Earl of Winchester→Sir Thomas Hugh Despencer Lord of Findon→Rohese De Vere→William De Vere→Robert De Vere→Sir Aubrey De Vere II→Alberic De Vere→Alfonso De Vere Count of Ghesnes→Manassus De Vere Count of Ghesnes→Gallus Guilliaume De Vere Count of Ghesnes→Aurelius De Vere Count of Ghesnes→Otbo De Vere Earl of Genne→Milo De Vere II Duke of Anjou, Count of Algiers→Milo De Vere I Duke of Anjou, Count of Ghesnes→The Fairy Melusine, Princess of the Southern Picts

Re: Family History

Greetings Austin,

You are invited to join us at the THE PENDRAGON INN where we can discuss your genealogy in more detail.


Re: Family History

We are related would love to talk to you and discuss this.