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In shock just found my ancestors. Help

My great ++grandparents:Herbert count Vermandois,King Robert of France,King de Bourgogne of Italy,Bertha Queen of Swabia, king Conrad I, ,Bertha of Burgundy, Odo ii Eudes, Emmengarde of Auvergne Louis IV France,Madog Maelor Prince of Powys,Gwyladys Verch I Llwellyn the Great,Rhys Ap Rhys,Matilda DeBraose,Ralph de Mortimer Pierre Capet, Alice of Angouleme de Courtenay, Queen Isabella of Angouleme, Despencer family, Catherine of Aragon, Howard family
Alan Lord DeGalloway,David of Scotland Earl of Huntingdon,King Conrad II Hohenstauffen Holy Roman Emperor, Luitgard Dutchess of Luxemburg, Henry Count of Speyer,Otto of Worms,LeBrun Countess, John de Vaux, Joan de Vere also De Nerford family,Warren family, Plantagenet family, Stafford family, DeMaudit family, De Sutton, Tudor, Stockport, Stanly, Turenne family Leigh family, Muhammed, Henry III England Spencer,D'Audley,Mainwairing,Molyneux,de trafford,Gwaldus Odu, John Lackland,de Beauchamp family,Le Boteler family, Asheton, Booth, DePole,De Holland, Prince Owais ap Gruffudd ap Gwenwynwyn,DeSutton Katherine Monfort, Savage family,Davenport Seymour,deVenables, Le Strange, James Butler the white Earl,Talbot, Percy,Princess Alianora Balliol, King Balliol, Hugh de Lusignan and Isabella Taillefer Comyn family. There are many more I have a few "abilities I can seem to disappear while outdoors,I have spoken and to my regret argued with angels twice. I'm pretty psychic my talents are raw and barely used but I know that there is a very IMPORTANT reason I found you and the time is here. All I know is I have been waiting for you and now suddenly these amazing ancestors.

I have given you only names of great++ grandparents and have left out many more grandparents kings queens and all. Please understand that I'm not gloating if anything I'm confused and a little scared.

Re: In shock just found my ancestors. Help

Hallo Janet,

There are many people who have illustrious (and otherwise) ancestors on their family tree and it is nothing to be afraid of.

It is simply who you are.


Re: In shock just found my ancestors. Help

Exactly be proud of your heritage ....but i question do we just all have a feeling of being part of something bigger (so to speak) and then when we see our heritage attribute it to that or is it our heritage that gives us that knowing from the beginning and the discovery is merely a confirmation....i know which i believe...I am only just discovering alot of my lineage and am proud fasinated and wanting to learn more of the intricacies of it my advice enjoy nothing to be scared of