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A City and A Memory

Hallo dear Frater,

I hope this little message finds you and the other senior members of the court well!

I've been foraging in some of my many notebooks today and found this entry from my first solo trip to Edinburgh.

Because you have enjoyed my writing before I hope you like this one!

...even in the city nature speaks.

Birds, the wind, the ever changing lights.

Faces on life's carousel rush by in a whirl of conversation and colour.

I like this place!

An immense block of blue sky approaches and in a few moments all will be blown clean on a gust of the breeze and sunlight.

Planes, gulls and pigeons clamour in the air above me and I realise that the Technicolor butterfly on my t shirt tells a tale about me...I'm a creature of the air and summer.

The breeze answers my thought and I'm bathed in a fresh wave of sweetness.

Now a blackened spire on the hill before me looks extraordinary, colluding with the vapour trail of a passing plane, to bisect the pure expanse.

It is an impudent finger, a vain affront to the unspeakable beauty beyond.