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Home and Family

I have been looking for a Home and Family for a very long time, I feel that I may have found that here with you! :)
From a very young age I have been to see and understand things that others seem to be completely blind to.
I have felt very alone in this world, been looking for like minded individuals who I can connect with and grow with, people that I can call family and be proud to call family.
I don't really have what I would call a family, because of things that have happened in my life I feel that I value family more than others.
The more I have read and researched for those that I would be best suited with I have keeping coming across this Order and Family and it looks that I may also be of the same bloodline :)
It has amazed me how much you have what I've been looking for!
I have been searching for the Education and Family environment that you provide for many, many years! :)
When I seen that this a family of Sovereignty and Magick I felt as if the Law of Attraction had brought me to you.
I have been looking at many different things through the years to find my sense of belonging and family, from Clubs and Organizations of different walks of life to different types Fraternities.
When I found you I felt as if the stars aligned! :)
The Law of Attraction works in many mysterious ways and I believe this may be a sign that I have found my family.