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Problems registering on Pendragon Forum


I'd be most grateful for some assistance please.

I have tried to register on the Pendragon forum as the first step towards submitting an application for entry to the Dragon Society but have not received an email to say my registration has been accepted or confirmed.

I do not understand why nor know how to proceed and I cannot find details on the forum for an administrator to contact.

My username was Swan7 and my email address:

I believe and hope that I might have the appropriate ancestry for the Dragon Society as I can trace my lineage back to King Edward Third and can provide further details of that. I feel very excited by what I have read on your website as it greatly resonates and corresponds with my own personal traits, voyages and discoveries!

I'd be most grateful for your advice, please.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,


Re: Problems registering on Pendragon Forum

Thank you for your expression of interest.

Please note that membership with the Dragon Sovereignty is given rarely.

Many people seek to join our ranks, however as it states on our forum we are neither a commercial, religious, political or charitable institution - nor do we seek to create a large membership base.

Consequently we focus our attention on the elite progenitors of the Ancient DraconiGenae Verus and SanGraal Bloodlines and accept only the most earnest and serious seekers.

In fact - if we were to admit too many new people it would actually hinder rather than facilitate the initiation of new members.

Nevertheless - rest assured you have been placed on our waiting list and will be contacted if a vacancy becomes available.