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Interest in knowledge

Hi i am very interested in this and is looking to join.i know it's invitation only which i am already use to.i have joined lodges and orders with simular process.i am a freemason and knights templar.i am extremely keen to learn and seeks knowlege.i am of royal descent and is related pretty much to all royals including the ones of this order and first off i understand you hear this all the time and probably get sick of hearng it.due to the majority of timewasters and wannabes.everything i claim i can definately prove and back up.i am what i am and i stand strong in my heritage is the dragonsline and i carry the negative blood as do every member of my family tree.i also know i have no need to prove this or be in any order to prove what i am.i purely want to join for the knowlege and to be with kindred descendants.i have a deep passion for this.i will be more than happy to answer any questions and give proof of anything.please e-mail me on the following address-
The truth is in the blood