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A dragon dream and reaching out for answers

Hi, Dragons

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with someone about my strange life. For starters, and hopefully this doesn’t disqualify me, I’m not sure if my lineage can be traced to any noteworthy houses. There is a 33rd degree most worshipful master on my mom’s side. He was the mayor of Sandy Creek, New York. I’ve heard we’re related to American presidents and British Kings. My heritage goes like this: Western European (57%), Irish (40%), Other (3%).

I’ve always had a strong connection to the red dragon. It found me. When I was 14 or so, I was laying on my bed and had a realization that energy was in my body, in between my cells, pervading the environment. I fell asleep shortly thereafter at which point I had a very vivid dream. I’d greatly appreciate if you would read this:

I was standing on the edge of a ravine. I was about nine years old in the dream. I was dirty and covered in mud, was wearing no shoes and my garb was made of itchy burlap. On the other side of the ravine, I could see a jungle. A river seperated the two sides of the ravine. Subsequently, there was a rope bridge with wooden plancks of questionable strength stretching from my side of the ravine to the other side.

Feeling confident, I decided to cross the bridge. I crossed this bridge ever so tenderly. About two plancks away from sweet freedom, the planck snapped. I fell and managed to grab the rope where I dangled hopelessly instead of falling to my death. The water then turned to fire. As the fire licked the souls of my feet, I blacked in and out of concisouness. This lasted for enough time where I accepted the eventuality of my death. Once this occurred, I felt a hand grab my wrist and pull me up to the other side. I was blacked out at this point.

When I woke up on the other side, I was sitting cross legged on a mossy tree stump; facing the now calm river, and the jungle was behind me. I was wearing a blue velvet dress with symbols stitched in white thread on the front, a new sparkling pair of black dress shoes and white tights. I was also clean. I gazed into the forest on my right and observed a golden dome temple with red rubies attached to the exterior.

To my left on the ground was a book. It was leather bound and on the front was an insignia of a Red Dragon. At that point I became aware that I had to pick one or the other, the book or the temple. So, I went with the book. The most obvious choice. I opened the book and to my great disappointment saw that the white pages were completely blank. Then, an entity came forth from out of jungle on my left side. He was simply radiant golden light. Probably about 6 ft. tall. I realized this entity was God. He was male, wise and highly paternal. A comforter of sorts. He came over and sat down beside me on the log. And he said, “You have read this book backwards. Use your fingers.” So starting from the last page of the book in the bottom right corner, I ran my finger across the page moving leftward. As I did this, black symbols appeared under my finger. Each time a new symbol would appear, the golden light would vibrate the meaning of it to my subconscious. He didn’t speak. He vibrated. When I reached the center of the page, a bright pink triangle with rainbow colors emanating off of it (prismatic in nature) appeared under my finger. And instead of vibrating this meaning to me, he spoke. He said, “This symbol means the Kingdom of Heaven. Never forget that this symbols means the Kingdom of Heaven. Never forget. The Kingdom of Heaven.” I then slowly floated out of my 9 year old dream body and woke up peacefully on the comfort of my own bed, the sound of his voice still resonating in my head.

So, long story short, I continued to have dreams with him. He taught me things. We discussed helping humanity, and how sad it was that they didn’t know about spirituality. Plus more. I’ve had dreams where I’m being healed by golden Egyptian cats, etc etc. Endless experiences. I’m just very in touch with my consciousness and have been since I can remember.

My first UFO sighting was in 2006. In the summer of 2012, I had full on no mediation induced Kundalini awakening. I then started having interactions with UFOs in a daily basis, which, if you are still interested in me, I’ll describe on a private forum.

I frequently reflect on my Dragon dream. It has been the template by which I am able to contextualize my life. I feel that I am a Dragon. Things that others think are demonic, I realize I willed into reality. I’m completely aware of my own power, and not from an egotistical perspective. I believe in taking responsibly for my life, thoughts, ideas and actions.

Thank you for reading all of this. I hope to speak with someone soon to maybe garner some clarity about if I belong with you guys. Take care.

Best wishes,
Amanda Grey