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Very interested in the Bloodline. My ancestors came over from Scotland in 1817. Made Shenacadie their home. I now own a piece of land that was given to them back in the early 1800's. I have a special tree on my property which also has an energy around her that I could feel when I first encountered this tree. There are also huge rocks in strange areas and some have cup marks on them. Since coming in contact with this tree I have changed a great deal. I was born with an extra verebrae called a tailbone. Redhair, Blue eyes. My daughter has RH- blood, however my son and I both have O+, we both have redhair. I read that a lower than normal body temperature and lower than normal blood pressure was something to look into. A paternity test for my son was done and it came back with my alleles as A2,3 B7,60. Not sure if anything can be told by that. However when I plugged those alleles into google it came up as part of a project that dates my mtdna back 40-50,000 yrs ago. I have no idea where to check to see if I'm part of this bloodline. But I do know that my property is very special. I also found out it's part of our volcano that I never knew existed until last year. I would like to know my past as I feel a strong connection to the Holy Grail. Shenacadie according to an article I read many years ago has been translated from Sangreal. And my tree is a directional tree just not the native american trail marker.
My email incase you can help is