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Essence and time

Greetings to the Order!

My most sincere thanks to you for your patience and your time in above all else providing a portal of connectivity for souls such as myself who have very little time left to learn and to strengthen a spirit that has long known these things yet has been the target of malice by this world since birth, my body and my mind bearing the scars accumulated along the way.

My absolute reverence towards a benevolence beyond the written page has driven me to excel in knowledge and thus belonging. I have existed in solitude doing so and have reaped much in the way of understanding. I have never been accepted. I have been told I must divulge. I have fled when sought after to answer to authority. I have been granted beatific vision. In such I have been told I am of the Christ. I have been visited once by a being I know by the name M... From the three sevens his sigil bears...777...

I am lost. I seek to initiate. My initiation is said to benefit mankind. How I do not know... Or perhaps I am afraid to know.

My bloodline promises Right and Royalty yet I ask... Will the cornerstone that was rejected really be exonerated?

Will a mere child be allowed to exist with lions?...

This is my quest. I am of the lowest order. I detest money. I only seek truth and wish to exist amongst the righteous who are the light...

I am so worn from not finding rest upon this world. I do not comprehend this species... My efforts fail no matter how learned I become. There exists a glass ceiling above my head that allows me to see were my essence can take me ... But never allowed to arrive there.

Wont you find it in your heart to finally show a fellow Dragon a way to possess a purpose in life I ask you?...