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Salutations David,

Due to the fact that there are many groups, (new-age and a great many other "Orders") who have various rather ignoble agendas plus the fact that we are no longer able to process the large number of people seeking to join us. it has been deemed appropriate for the Dragon Sovereingty to temporalily close until further notice.

As you are no doubt aware, Initiation into a Circle is a ritual that symbolizes and/or helps to begin an inner transformation of the initiate.
Today, all too often, the ritual is merely symbolic and serves only to link the initiate to the group egregore (group energy or thoughtform) and to create a political lineage.

The actual transformation of the initiate only takes place if the seeker undertakes to pursue a methodology on his own. Such methodologies are often missing from the body of knowledge passed on to the initiate.

Too often, dogma takes the place of the personal mystic experience that is the hallmark of the successful initiate. It is incumbent upon anyone who undergoes such a ritual to pursue knowledge and power until their Initiation becomes effective and they set foot upon the Path.

Each seeker must blaze their own trail into the Wilderness of the Spirit, and each must also struggle to overcome the focus of the mind on Consensus Reality.

All efficacious Initiation is really self-initiation, and this refers not to some basically worthless self-dedication ritual at the hands of some 'group' or 'guru' - but to years (if not lifetimes) of sustained effort.



I am very sad to hear that membership is closed, but I understand the reason. I also fully understand the way of inniation. I have seen felt and experienced many worders that most will never experience in one lifetime and the battle of the mind is always present your reasoning I mean mine tells me you need to fix this and that it's continual, however; the spirit says hey you need to clear your thaughts and be one with the MIND of the Universe. I have experienced the golden light within and with out meaning the veil in the sky tore open in front of me and the light shone through and the most beautiful balls of light came through. Then during intense meditation in the forest I rose my consciousness up the spine with breathing and saw the liquid golden waves of light it's so beautiful. I have noses and it's not complete I will gain more but I have been above and below. Thank you for your reply at least that is something and I cherish that. I love the picture of Ellen Dolen above such a legacy that place has and to have a part of its heritage in me makes my heart feel the life that breath through it. I would hope to at least have a friendship or open communication with you. Thank you again and May the light of the All One Be with you always. Peace Profound David


I noticed in my tree and dna Mar and de vere I was wondering if there was someone I could send those to or does it matter anymore. I know that the culling has begun. I have no interest in political motivation I just want to know my ancestors. Anyway I thought I would share that with you. It was very interesting to see those names. Blessings to the Court of the Dragons


Salve Sanguis Draconis David ,

Thank you for your gracious and insightful commentary.

It bears repeating here that ...

'Each seeker must blaze their own trail into the wilderness of the spirit.'

The world is full of 'experts' who seek to dictate to others on how to go about their very personal spiritual quest - but how can another know your Heart?

How can another know what moves you!?

As you have ben doing - continue to follow your own In-Tuition, and you will not err.

We have within each of us, male and female, left brain and right brain, dark and light, negative and positive.

Reconcilation of these forces requires we put aside all preconceptions and predjudices in order to achieve a more objective 'enlightened' perspective.

It is said, Masculine reasons - Feminine feels.

However, patriarchal systems are addicted to division and the notion that one thing must be 'inferior' and one 'superior" - such systems see reason as superior to feeling.

This is illusionary.

It is only when Reason is guided by Feeling, that Wisdom is found.

The two cannot be separated - nor should Reason be seen as all important or 'superior'

Tantric Philosophy informs us, that from the eternal dance of Shiva (male) and Shakti (female), all manifestation arises.

Of this Divine pair, it is Shiva who is the subordinate one, for it is the Female Principle that ultimately underlies all manifestation.

There is an Ancient Tantric saying, "Shiva without Shakti is a corpse."

This must be fully realised if any significant progress is to be made.

If this realisation could be achieved and ACTED upon, humanity may yet experience the 'golden age,' - having All become the 'Golden Child' of 'Dragon' Alchemy - or we can continue to poison the earth, our hearts and minds and die to life and to ourselves.

It is our Choice - and ours alone.

Needless to say, it's still the same old choice between Fear and Love.

When we step out of that prison of 'what other people think of us', we step outside the 'herd' mentality - we are free to be our True Selves.

Once we do this, we can let everyone else express their uniqueness, without rules and regulations in regard to 'what you must and must not do to become 'enlightened'.

In an 'ideal' world, no-one thinks to impose what they desire or believe on anyone else, always respecting sovereign free will - however the moment you infringe on another's free will, you forfeit your own, by default.

Sadly, many people continually look for gurus, and or belief systems to follow, simply because they are frightened of who they are, and the responsibility of owning who they are as immortal beings.

"Temet Nosce"



Thank you for the encouraging words and I intend to blaze my path being lead by the spirit. I have been searching far and wide for truth as the spirit leads me. I have both the Kolbrin and the Kailedy and Alchemy and the Golden Dawn. I am searching into Tantra as well. I will do my part in this world to achieve the great work and bring about the union of the male and female in my own being. It is a long process but worth it. It is my dream to see the golden age begin in my life time but it looks like we still have some birthing pains. Thank you again and I wish you and the Dragon Court my best with all divine love and peace

David Steele


Thank you I had a hunch in my inner being after reading The Dragon Legacy Book by the Late Prince Nicholas De Vere. When I found out it was a feeling that I can not explain, because I have been on this journey since my youth; however, I ignored it for years until I was basically slapped in the face by what I call a etheric Being. It was a rude but welcomed awaking and I have been on a journey every since. Please accept my blessings and love to all and for the late Price Nicholas De Vere who's memory will live on in the hearts of all who resonate with his words and heart. May the Golden Age come soon.



Thank you
As a small child, I thought everyone was the same as I was and could do the things I could do .

For many , many years I have walked alone but not....
When something is known, it cannot be unknown


Dear VeritasVendor,

If you could please e-mail me at I would really appreciate it. I have some questions and would really appreciate your time. Thank you so very much.
Sincerely and Respectfully,
Matthew Christian Pepple (Matt Pepple)