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Re: I'm a dragon that wish to be apart of dragon court

I love to read these because many are in the same position as I. Salutation to both of you. I myself have dragon blood on both sides of my family I even did further DNA testing to look into this. I really want to join those of my kindred and continue the work to wake up the masses to the problems we face. I have done this since I had a very deep spiritual experience like a download and traveled the astral plane for many years. Due to family hardship due to a mentally disturbed man shot and killed my stepmother I am caring for my father with no help who is suffering from liver cancer. My mother is not in a good situation as well it is sad but I am holding up and doing as much spiritual work as I can from banishing rituals to mediation and experiences with my mind to get back to what I was when my awakening. Using scrying and diving I see that I am destined for something much better then the former. I have always wondered why these physic phenom are present in my family. Since I was a very young boy I could see things that others could not; I am also hyper sensitive to energy and have traveled the astral planes. I do know that there are class differences between the de vers and my family but our blood, and dna is similar. I do pray that some way and some how that we can all be united and come together as one. I have no idea how much time there is but if we look at it in spirit terms we have Eternity.It looks as New World Order is preparing for another Genocide especially here in America I have received threats myself directly from them. I was told that long ago we wiped out a complete race of people like yourself we thought we got them all but we will not make the same mistake again. This was for my videos and stating I was from the stars or a child of the stars 15 years ago because I have always know deep within. I love the Idea of a New World Order but not what I see transpiring it looks like it is going to be bad for many and good for a very few.

PS I did not mean to butt in so please forgive me. I am devoring more of De Veres Books and more Grail, and Druid Books as well my curiosity has been ignited and I love go absorb truth. Not sure if any of you have read the Kolbrin from the Kolbrin trust but it is a good read with lots of good information in it. It has whats left of books from the libary of Alexandria Burning, and glastonbury Abbey it takes a esoteric approach and is more druidic then the bible I love it.

I welcome contact @

With love truth and Chivalry