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A Lotus Blooms

the ropes were cut, the anchors lifted
and our Souls began to Wander, drifted
from the Fountainhead, We Flow
Streams that never reach a goal
Sparkle in the Spokes of eyes turned Wheels
churning to the Tune of the only thing that’s Real
Joy is a Stream that Never Slows
Love is the Lake that Overflows
Peace is the Promise of Our Queen
whispers within the Winds, unseen
the World’s a Flower, and we are Stars
that Spiral Staircase of the near and the far
Power is the Tower, and this Temple is You
shimmering with the Freedom Blues
Draw the Sword from the Stone of your Ancestors True
and The Kingdom Manifests in You
Rivers of Light Become our Circuitry, smooth
Alive and infused with a Love that soothes
the Story of the World is One Unbroken Chain
The Web has many Weavers, who go by many names
by the Hammer and the Anvil in the Armory of Will
We Strike those old desires still
to mold into a New and Golden Blade
Forged by the Kiss of the World Re-made
Protected by the Sun, can breathe
A Lotus Blooms Upon the Sea