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Ralfi Pagan Misc.
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thanks for having me play soul j'tamie on my keyboard-thank u ralfi

as i hear sylvia's moaning of the french song classic, i just want to record it from one of my demo tapes to rca or mca. i couldn't wonder about ralfi pagan-yes, i knew he was singing his ass off on soul train. i wonder if he could've sing with michael,that will be magnificent. thanks for my heart. i had to disrespect my sorry mother very very much because she dont want me to see latin television like channel 47 in neuvo york,so in time, i can see people of color in every nationality, so they can open their culture in their hearts on my soon to be release syndicated satilite network in black british produced-bbt-black british television. p.s. i didnn't know he was murdered in colombia. someone has to open a street name after him.