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Ralfi Pagan Misc.
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my love for ralfi-it's just of your kisses

he's amazed me with his full charms with delightness. poor bronx boy made it good. he signs under tyhe moonlight to me as though thw whole **** world would crumble,cause you make it with me,no, i dont mean on what country groit david gates brought me in,but as you thrown your pouted sensous lips, your voice that heated my panties into my frantic mirage and then i feel the swaying where puerto rican butter ricans like youcan count on the lengths of a pure disco fantasy. im not close to the lonliness lonlinest,but maybe i can give you something that is real to my chestbone and i say ralfi-come on to my ghetto screaming with pleasure-ralfi the blowminder. ralfi you are my image of air, burn and light make our lovin' outta sight- i lay down near you as you softly spoke 'arrive eterne my vida' into my ear. ralfi, dont walk from me. praise me as you touch that puerto rica girl on that first album when i thought it was me. jamaican as i am. you are the eagle of a beautiful flight-morning comes back and you had to say,adios,baby. it's nice seeing you. c. 2011 by nicole denise