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Re: Re: need help

You forgot air.
Air, fuel, spark, compression = Running
Anything less = start looking

Has this car been changed from positive to negative ground?? if it hasvdid the coil wires get switched as well?

Just my 2 cents

MOCNA # 7622
Beep Beep

Re: Re: Re: need help

No spark is coming out of the coil. New coil does have an internal resistor. Car is positive ground. Fuel is OK. The car ran fine two weeks ago, now will not start all of a sudden. Also replaced both fuses.

Re: Re: Re: Re: need help

Eh, Idunno. An old time mechanic once told me that any unexplained electrical problem in a points-and-condensor car called for an immediate new condensor. Which fixed my intermittantly running 240Z.

Shorted wire?

Lights and other things work? Car obviously turns over.

Was the new coil since it last ran? (da-dum-da-dum-da-dum). Old coil work?

Geez, electrical issues are the worst. Voltmeter, check voltage where it should be. . .

Re: need help

Hi Lena,

Two things:
1) bench test the new coil
2) test the voltage regulator. I took mine off of the car and found that a metal strip on the underside had burnt through.

Re: Re: Re: Re: need help

A few things to try.

1.Test the coil only! Do not trust just watching the sparkplugs on the end of their wires. Remove one plug wire from the distributer cap, and plug it directly into the center of the coil. Hook up a sparkplug to the wire and ground it to test for spark.

2.Hot wire the distributer; by hooking an insulated jumper wire directly to the negative post of the battery, and to the side of the coil that does not connect to the distributer; turn the engine over and see if you have spark. If you have spark now, you evidently have a problem in the rest of the wiring.

3.Test for spark with the distributer cap off. Watch the points. Are they opening, and closing? Is the distributer actually turning inside?

4.If you get spark from the coil, but you don't get it to the plugs when you reassemble the distributer,remove the distributer cap, and slowly turn the engine untill the points just start to open. Is the rotor pointing directly to one of the four plug wire terminals inside the distributer cap? If not you must brace yourself for the possibility that your timing chain has jumped time.

Try these things and get back to us.

Bill Garman

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: need help

Excellent points to bring up Bill!
I'm saving these for later use.

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