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Do i have depersonalization disorder?

its very hard to explain..sometimes I feel as though things that are very close to me are very far I can put my hand up in front of my face and i can sort of focus past it but still be looking at my hand so it looks as though its really far worries me sometimes
i also remember a few very very rare times that ive been talking to someone and for maybe 5-10 seconds my voice doesnt sound like im actually saying I am able to still continue to talk and there is no lapse in concentration or thought, but it just feels..weird
it really scares me sometimes..i think i need to go see someone..but dont know what to tell them
it seems that this happens moreso when i look at familiar things (such as my dog or cat or mom or other random things that are familiar to me) this usual that familiar things brings this on?
does anyone else experience this strange depth perception thing or is it a symptom of this disorder?
i can make this doesnt really usually randomly happen except for the rare times when ive been talking to someone..the depth perception thing i can actually make happen..or choose to ignore it
oh and ive also been smoking weed heavily for a while now..and i know this is a factor for a lot of people on here..