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This is the first report of healing of depersonalization.

Post, please! spread!!!

Re: CURE!!!

Thank you for passing this along. But there have been many "anecdotal" stories of cures, as well as studies indicating high rates of cures for patients using some of the individual meds mentioned in this article, specifically naloxone. This article does a good job of reviewing the different systems that are now thought to be involved in DPD. But since no definitive study has been done on the use of airpiprazole (known as Abilify), this story remains anecdotal, along with many others in circulation. The patient in question suffered from DPD, for sure, but apparently many other things as well. I am glad that Abilify filled the hole left by the other meds she was taking. But this does not mean it will work for everyone. Hopefully, in time, the case made by these particular doctors will be proven more thoroughly. There are many papers out there indicating complete remission because of various specific meds, but as these authors wisely point out, it remains uncertain whether or not it was actually the Abilify that did the trick, or just nature.