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I haven't been to this sight in years, and I suspect you've all learned so much from each other about depersonalization. I wanted to briefly share what I have determined is going on in the brain(in layman'sa terms), so that someone new to this terrifying ordeal can get somewhat of a handle on what they are experiencing.

I am pretty certain that depersonalization is the result of the conscious and unconscious operating simultaneously, while the sufferer is in the awake state, and trying to function in his or her day to day dealings with the real world. In short, the subconscious is manifesting itself too strongly in the awake state. It is not as severe as schizophrenia, where the subconscious overwhelms the conscious state. Yet, it is severe enough to cause great anxiety as the sufferer has the frequent 'snapping' back and forth between the two states of mind. The conscious mind must cope with, and make sense of reality, distorted by the too strong influence of the subconscious mind, operating in the awake state. Simplified, it is like sleep walking....but not as severe. A fine line between dreaming and awakefulness is being walked by the person suffering from depersonalization. the content of the 'dream' is reality, but the perception of it is coming from a subconscious that has overstepped it's boundaries.

What to do. Immediately stop using marijuana, and other illicit drugs, if you are using them. You need to strengthen your consciousness, and put your subconscious back in it's place. Research a raw diet, and commit to it as much as possible, especially in the first few months of recovery. Your brain needs a frequent supply of protein and carbohydrate. Plan on eating at least every 3 hours. Walk...try to walk an hour each day, or more. If other exercise works for you, do it. Sleep a very normal schedule! 8-10 hours, beginning at the same time each night, or day, as your schedule permits. If you work shift work, get the 8-10 hours. Avoid caffiene. Strive to drink 64 oz or more of clean water each day. Pray. Now is a good time to very simply pray as you see fit. DON'T ask the big questions about religion, life, spirituality at this time. Just be dependent, and pray to God. Make it no more complicated than that. If you have no Faith, I recommend Jesus Christ. As you regain your 'grip'...never allow this to happen again. Stay away from drugs. Stay away from stress. Stay away from things that leave you feeling unsettled. Best Wishes!

Re: Insight

I strongly recommend that everyone become familiar with Abram Hoffman's work with Niacin. Search his name, or type it into Youtube.