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Meds... Which ones dangerous, which ones good?

I go to a new family doctor that my shrink has recommended in two weeks... between the doc, the shrink and the psychiatrist they're hoping to find something that will help.

My question is which meds have people found to be dangerous, such as making the DP worse or constant?

Which meds have people found that have helped?

I can't continue living like this much longer but am terrified to take a chemical that will make this compounded. I don't drink or do drugs and am extremely drug intolerant and the few meds (Abilify and some anti-depressants) that my psychiatrist tried me on I was unable to handle the side effects, mainly the falling asleep at work and as soon as I got home.
This with the meds doesn't help my next stop is back to the suicide site. Hanging on by a thread now... and it's starting to fray. Haha!

Thanks any insight into the confusing world of meds is greatly appreciated!

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