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New Video Program for Depersonalization and Derealization Sufferers

Hi everyone,

I have made a complete recovery from depersonalization and derealization and have created a ten-hour video program that goes through everything you need to recover. I also have many free articles and videos on my website for you to check out. You can visit my site by clicking on the link below:

Depersonalization Recovery: Total Integration Method - Cure DP and Derealization with this ten-hour video program



Re: New Video Program for Depersonalization and Derealization Sufferers

I watched all your free videos & most of what you say seems to make sense to me. However, when I can get free counseling here in the uk or buy a great self help book like "Overcoming Depersonalization & Feeling Of Unreality" from Amazon for about £7, I'm not going to pay over £60 for your videos!

Considering all that, the most I'd pay is £5, if you charged that much you'd probably get a lot more takes & therefore make more money.