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A novel dealing with depersonalization disorder

I have just publihsed a novel, Finding Zoe by Rosalee Jaeger, in which the heroine is a gifted pianist suffering from depersonalization disorder. The novel goes into detail about the torture of this disease, and how Zoe fights through her illness to find love and lead a fulfilling and productive life. She does not do this through traditional methods of treatment, but working with a student of far Eastern philosophy who teaches her deep breathing, to stay in the moment, to let her thoughts pass though light the wind in the trees, and to go with truth; truth being the person you are without fear. I think anyone who has this disease will benefit from reading my novel...based on a true story.
Available on Amazon; from me, and Kindle on May 20th.

Re: A novel dealing with depersonalization disorder

Great! Can't wait to read it!