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Los Angeles DPD Resources?

I'm the mom of a 13 year old who has be very specifically describing DPD symptoms for the last two months. When he describes feeling like things aren't real, or that he isn't there, it seems I can never quite relate to it ... I can grasp the ideas of what he is saying, but I'm not able to relate to the intensity of the pain he is describing.

I just finshed reading Stranger to Myself and now I feel very much more informed. I am especially interested in ACT therapy for him. It would also be nice to let him speak to people who can relate, but I'm concerned about what seems rather like a drug culture on some of the other forums.

I'm hoping I can get some leads on where I can get him some help with this.

I already took him to a neurologist who made him touch his nose and told him there's nothing wrong with his brain. He's seeing a therapist who is great from as cognitive behavioral person, but she doesn't have any experience treating anyone with DPD.

I'd really like to get hooked up with someone with more specialized knowledge.

Can anyone on the forum offer any tips?

Thank you.

Re: Los Angeles DPD Resources?

Try contacting Dr. Elena Bezzubova of Laguna Beach. She is affiliated with UC Irvine and other centers in L.A. Any problems reaching her via the phone book, let us know.