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memory problems - amnesias

Dear All,

I am a researcher from Germany. I am currently running a neuroimaging study on DPD. In this context, I have the privilege to interview a larger number of persons suffering from DPD. While I try to stick to the published criteria (DSM-IV-TR), something keeps puzzling me:
I have now encountered a number of very intelligent and knowledgeable people who seem to have an amnesia for their very recent past. Typically, they report that they can remember what they did the day before (with difficulty, but successfully), but anything before that is in a daze. They often do remember special days (birthdays, new years etc.), but it seems that 99% of their personal lives disappear in some kind of fog. According to diagnostic criteria, amnesia is not part of DPD and might instead indicate a different dissociative disorder (like DESNOS or DIS). However, in my experience, in these few individuals it seems to be an integral part of DPD. Can anybody comment on this? Thanks, Judith

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