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The effect of opioid drugs on DP/DR symptoms (personal experience)

I have been suffering from DP/DR since a stressful event in July. Right now I'm off all medications as I want to get more familiar with the "natural" state of my condition (not that I'm enjoying this, far from it..). Though what I'd like to share is PERSONAL experience that I gained when trying out a few groups of substances in the past few months: Namely, I found that opioid drugs made all my symptoms disappear. Subjectively, there was no trace of any DP/DR for the duration of a dose (first I tried some leftover Tramadol 50mg, then cross-checked with Dihydrocodeine). The effects were achieved with analgesic/sub-euphoric dosages. Now I do realise that endorphines or opioids for that matter serve to regulate a huge range of processes, yet I did not expect such a dramatic effect. I am not a doctor and personally would NOT condone the use of them due to the common issues of tolerance and addiction.
Interestingly, I found a few anecdotal reports on the net where people had the same experience. Given that the group of DP/DR sufferers who have also taken opiates is likely to be very small, I believe this to be remarkable.
It seems like Jeff is still reading along, so I'd just like to throw that in. Maybe this does merit some further research. I'm also aware that (maybe paradoxically), k-opioid antagonism is a notable candidate here. But I'm no expert in the field of pharmacology, so I'll just leave this as an input for the more qualified amongst us.


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