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Re: The effect of opioid drugs on DP/DR symptoms (personal experience)

i went years without pot and it didn't help.

It just sounded to me as if you had residual doubts about whether the pot may be somehow doing you harm or not. Sorry for any misunderstanding. Again, imo you shouldn't deprive yourself of its benefits (if you do feel that way) when used responsibly due to everything said above.
Do you remember how exactly your DPD started, was it sudden or a more gradual process? I sometimes find myself angry at my own body for being so "dysfunctional". And being a human(or what is left thereof ), it makes me want to poke out the primitive part of my brain and give it a good lecture about its ****ty adaptations (if that's what DP in fact is) and how there's no more evolutionary need for them (if there ever was one, poor caveman ancestors ). Unfortunately, that's not the way things work...
As for the pain killers, I'd have also dismissed them as merely masking up symptoms, but as I said, the surprising thing was that I found them effective at analgesic dosages (smaller than needed for directly killing "emotianal pain"). Having said that, I do have experience with opiates at varying dosage levels and intervals of administration, though I fear their potential for addiction. It makes me stay away from them even though their therapeutic benefits are second to none, at least in my personal case of DP/DR.

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