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Re: memory problems - amnesias

Having a poor memory is one of my biggest complaints, and I think it is connected to the disorder somehow. I agree that at least for me it is both because I'm a little ADD (trouble staying focused, not completing tasks, needing structure, spacing out) and because when I'm more out of it, things don't stick--I emotionally never processed them. Right now I am usually out of it when I'm stressed or anxious, which probably in and of itself makes me more forgetful too. I have a really difficult time at work trying to multitask--as a manager in a busy retail store, it's just part of the job to be able to multitask and to be constantly interrupted from what you're doing. I've gotten better at carrying sticky notes with me in my pocket, and asking other people to remind me, but it's embarrassing and extremely frustrating. Sometimes it's so bad that I feel like I should be the one managed and not managing.