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light sensitivity


I'm wondering if more people can relate to this. I think one reason I developed this disorder is because I am sensitive--emotionally, but also to light and sound. I know that migraine, visual distortions, and florescent lighting have all been linked to being connected with this disorder or worsening it--all of which I completely relate to. I was born with large pupils, which makes me especially sensitive to light and prone to migraines. I was even supposed to wear tinted glasses in high school to help with migraines. I tried filling out paperwork at the doctors office recently, and left there with a migraine because the TV was playing loud so the nurses could hear behind the glass. Anyway, I wonder how many people with DPD also are "Highly Sensitive Persons", and especially with the light sensitivity piece? Light sensitivity is supposedly more common than previously realized. I wonder if this disorder often happens to those that have a hard time coping even with normal, daily life, not mention when things take a turn for the worse. (Also, light sensitivity will make you more tired than the average person, causing you to sleep more or feel constantly drained--this seems like it would relate to depersonalization too.)

I'm seeing an ophthalmologist next week to see if there is anything he can suggest because I've given up my teaching dream because of this, and if there is any solution to it I want to know that I've tried.

If you are light sensitive, things that I've found that I'm looking into are:

Irlen Syndrome:
FL-41 tinted glasses:
Highly Sensitive Person:

Thank you for listening and any feedback!