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Please use this forum to discuss information directly related to Depersonalization Disorder. We welcome you to share your own personal experiences with others as well as any treatment or study programs you may know about. We have been forced to restructure the Forum so we could have editing access as needed and be able to Archive older comments once they disappear.  Sorry for the temporary inconvenience, but now we will able to post older material for reference.

Depersonalization Forum
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Check out the Facebook Depersonalization page.

Hello Everyone. This website has been around for a long time now, and has pretty much served its purpose. I would like to refer everyone seeking conversation on this Forum to the Depersonalization page on Facebook, headed up by Erin Mulrooney. There is a lot of conversation daily there, and it has proven to be a wonderful, and active resource. In the meantime, for those wanting to get the full story on Depersonalization Disorder, research to date, and things that have helped people cope with or overcome it, please refer to the book Stranger To My Self, which can be ordered from our opening page. You can also find it on Amazon, along with Feeling Unreal, by Jeffrey Abugel and Daphne Simeon MD. These are great resources that were never available until just a few years ago.