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Please use this forum to discuss information directly related to Depersonalization Disorder. We welcome you to share your own personal experiences with others as well as any treatment or study programs you may know about. We have been forced to restructure the Forum so we could have editing access as needed and be able to Archive older comments once they disappear.  Sorry for the temporary inconvenience, but now we will able to post older material for reference.

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Interested in research/studies

Hello, my name is Luciano Leon and I have been in a Depersonalized state since February 24, 1978. About 40 years. I would be interested in any research or studies that might help me or others find our way back to reality. I have accepted my condition, but have not given up hope that one day I might be back to where I was before that fateful day.

Re: Interested in research/studies

Stay tuned here and within our Facebook discussion group for the most current information about studies, support groups etc.