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Copper Toxicity/Zinc Deficiency - AMAZING NEWS

I've had DP for 12 years, which was preceded by anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking, panic attacks, you name it. I depersonalized after two nights of no sleep. I was in a state of high anxiety and knew that something was going to give. Looking back I was having pre-DP symptoms for some months, particularly not recognizing my own bedroom for seconds or minutes. I found this website 5 years into my DP, and that's how I finally learned what I had. It was Easter Sunday when I actually learned what I had, and I call that a miracle. It was such a relief to name this and find out others around the world also had it. Doctor after doctor that I saw never told me that I had this, and pretty much would ignore my complaints of my DP symptoms. It still angers me so. I'm sure many of you can relate to that.
Well, because of my DP I haven't been on this website too much. Basically computers and all that it takes to remember to be on them has been too much for me with DP. Plus, every time I would come off the websites I would feel worse than when I went on. It was just too depressing and difficult.

Well, the reason that I'm writing today is because I have such amazing news that I want to share with everyone here...and the world. I have a sister who started doing research last year on birth control pills, which led her to write a book on all the medical implications of being deficient in zinc. You see, birth control causes zinc deficiency, and it's all very complicated to get into right now, but she has all the research to back it up. One of the implications of having a zinc deficiency (which are very common in our world today)is psychological symptoms. What happens when your zinc is low, your copper gets high, causing a copper toxicity, which leads to all the pschological symptoms that we're pretty much all experiencing, possibly leading to DP. I do know that DP is often brought on too by drugs, and some people have just had it all their lives, and I also believe, based on all the discussions my sister and I have had on zinc deficiencies, that zinc is related also. To continue, I went to a clinic near Chicago called The Pfeiffer Institute, one of the places that my sister found doing her research. Basically they treat people with mental illnesses, but also autism, ADD/HD, Asperbergers and other mind illnesses. It's only been two weeks since my visit, and it takes 6-8 weeks to get back test results, but they are sure they can fix me, just need to get the test results back to see what exactly is causing my symptoms. I am SO excited!!! After 44 years of suffering, esp. the last 12, fimally there is not just a reason for my symptoms, but something actually can be done about it. We believe that I have a copper toxicity brought on by zinc deficiency, which really kicked in when I was pregnant (the reason being when you're pregnant you have very elevated estrogen levels, and that means elevated copper levels, which is okay cause that's normal for pregnancy. And on a side note, the big reason for post partum depression is when a woman doesn't breastfeed she doesn't rid herself of the excess copper, as nature intended)The only not so good news is that detoxifying copper can be a long and difficult process. It's difficult because any time you detox you stir up the bad stuff, which increases your symptoms during the detox. I am quite apprehensive about the process and bad DP rearing it's ugly head again, not to mention fearful ruminations, and sleep problems, anxiety, depression, mood swings, etc. I have been researching this, and have some idea of what I will be having to do, including taking lots of Vit C or antioxidants, followed by zinc. Oh by the way, one symptom I've had with DP is every time I took any stimulant (Omega 3's, antidepressants, steroids, ALA, GABA calm, zinc, flax seed, etc, etc) my symptoms way worseneed. My mind would obsess and my DP worsen. If anyone has these symptoms, you are probably copper toxic. The Pfeiffer Institute creates a supplement for you based on 180 tests that they perform on blood, urine and hair, and also on helping your body to detox. One cool thing is that an infrared sauna is highly recommended for detox, and my insurance may be paying for me to buy a sauna. Yippee! Detox is still going to stink though. I'm pretty sure I'll have to take some time off of work, possibly even go on short term disablity if it's going to be as bad as I imagine.
As far as where to get more info on this, I have been going to a website by Dr.Wilson. It's Also, look up copper toxicity and zinc deficiency. Also, you can find info on detoxing on the web like I've been doing.

I know this sounds WAY too simplistic, and unfortunately I can't tell you that I am a success story...yet, but I promise to keep you updated on my progress. Please respond with your questions,concerns, doubts. I really hope this is the hope that most of us haven't had, and have been desperately searching fo

Re: Copper Toxicity/Zinc Deficiency - AMAZING NEWS

This is very interesting indeed. Please keep updates on how you are feeling/ how this treatment is/isn't helping.

Re: Re: Copper Toxicity/Zinc Deficiency - AMAZING NEWS

Thank you for your post. In my opinion, anything is worth trying! It's definately something I will look into. Also thank you for your other response to my question about feeling DP'd from your own sex. It helps to know others have had similar experiences!