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Re: Copper Toxicity/Zinc Deficiency - More Info

Yeah, it's great to see someone else taking the same interest in this as I do. Keeps me motivated to keep posting. Marie, please keep us posted on your experiences with copper and candida.
I know the idea of copper poisoning may not seem like much, but the more you learn the more it makes sense. When I first DP'd 12 years ago I felt like the distance between the "old" me and the "new" me was the size of the Grand Canyon - there,but SO far away. After learning that copper and possibly mercury poisoning could explain my whole lifetime of symptoms, I could finally see myself whole again, like I could imagine the "whole picture" of my life as one, and that DP is just the last 12 years of my 44, and just another phase of the many phases of my mental symptoms. I'm the same Maureen I've been the first 32 years of my life, just an altered version. And doing the research has also been therapeutic as it is given me (us) hope that's been missing this whole time. I guess I am particulary bad because I've never tolerated any drugs (except Paxil, which only made me tired), so I HAD to seek alternative medicine e.g. nutrition. It's been just six years now since I was "forced" to begin seeking this out because that was the second lowest point in my life, the first being when I DP'd. I was SO irritable that I quit my job without even having another one, and I'm the breadwinner of myself and my daughter. But I was in desperate straights. I could no longer stand much of anything, including some of coworkers. It was a couple weeks before Christmas, and I certainly couldn't handle dealing with Christmas. Everything was completely overwhelming me. In addition, I also had developed restless leg syndrome. I told my mom, who is well read on nutrition, and she said that I was probably biotin defficient (one of the B vitamins). I started taking biotin, and within three days not only had my legs stop being restless...but my irritability went way down. I started feeling like I could stand living again! So, this is what started my search, slow as it has been. I had barely begun to understand the power of REAL nutrition (and I worked as a nutritionist at a clinic!), but I finally do. I've learned SO much in the last year, mostly from Dr. Mercola and the Weston A. Price Foundation. I highly recommend going to both websites...information packed. The reason I am so passionate about it is because I have experienced healing myself. Since eliminating sugar (esp. hidden), processed foods, white flour and adding raw milk (unpasteurized), LOTS of fresh fruits and vegetables and great sources of protein (pasture feed (e.g grass not grain)eggs, beef, chicken and cooked slowly or even eaten raw))I have restored my shot adrenal system, defeated diabetes, have amazing energy, and know that I am healthy again (physically)! But, it also did wonders for my mood and life is sweeter now.

Still waiting for results of my tests. Will post when I hear and can get started on detoxing. Please share your thoughts/questions.
Talk to you all real soon!

Re: Copper Toxicity/Zinc Deficiency - More Info

I just wanted to thank you for all the work and research that you are doing by yourself. It's very interesting and I hope helpful. I can't wait to know about your test resoults!!!
I got the symtomps since 3 years ago.
Today is been a realy hard day for me...I just wanted to thank you.
Keep your soul high above everything!

Re: Copper Toxicity/Zinc Deficiency - More Info

Thank you for posting your thoughts and research, and for actively contributing to this site in this way. Mercury, and other chemicals, have well-documented effects on the nervous system, as do the lack of certain vitamins such as C, and Niacin. There is little doubt that the mental problems caused by deficiencies in these area can enter the realm of depersonalization-like symptoms, along with many others. However, keep in mind that while some kind of ongoing, low-level poisoning may create mental problems in many people, most people suffering from DPD specifically have had the condition triggered by some stress, or a specific stress-trigger, such as the use of marijuana or Ecstasy. An immediate fall into Depersonalization Disorder after specific traumas or the use of such drugs would not involve copper toxicity or zinc deficiency. (Bloodwork and/or physiological profiles of such patients has never indicated such deficiencies to date). So, finding that such a deficiency causes mental problems in some people is one thing. Finding that it specifically causes DPD in some people (as a disorder, not a symptom of other mental disorders), would indeed be quite a discovery. In any event, I just wanted to inject these comments based on the DPD-specific research done to date.

Re: Copper Toxicity/Zinc Deficiency - More Info

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for your comments. I am very interested in learning more about the connection between nutrtitional status and DP. I have read some of the research being done in New York and England, although not in the last few years. I don't recall seeing information regarding research on mercury, copper, zinc, and other metals/minerals, but I am the first to admit that I may not remember that because of my very bad memory from DP. What sticks out in my mind is basically a focus on drug treatments, and of course tests like PET scans to understand better what part of the brain is affected by DP. You mentioned bloodwork, but I know that heavy metals and minerals need to be tested by hair analysis to get a true profile, which is not the common practice.
Like I stated earlier, my sister has written a book on zinc/copper, etc. and has uncovered longreaching implications due to imbalances, both the number of people it is affecting, and the problems they cause. This also includes many mineral/vitamin deficiencies, including a Vit. D deficieny of epidemic proportions, causing many health issues, including mental. I cannot state that someone who uses street drugs and then gets depersonalization disorder is because of an underlying nutritional deficiency, but I think that based on the research out there (by many well-known universities) it is worth delving into more. You state on the Home page that DP is of epidemic proportions. In our world today, WHAT isn't found in epidemic proportions? I am convinced that the causes fall in three large categories: Malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle, and a toxic environment.
It's six weeks since my visit to Pfeiffer, so I will get my results any day now. I will try to keep my posts to a minimum about this as I know it doesn't interest everyone, but I will keep you updated with highlights of my detoxing experience.