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how can i help my bf w/dp

i have been friends w/ my boyfriend for 12 years and love him w/ all my heart . he sufferrs w/ depersonalization derealization disorder and i feel completely helpless he hurts so bad he wont even look at me how do i act when he has a relapse and what are some things i can do to reassure him when he is suffering this is really driving me nuts no one should have to feel the way he does.... i feel so helpless and would really appreciate some advice

Re: how can i help my bf w/dp

That's great that you are there for him and want to help. Unfortunately, there's not a ton that can be done, other than listen when he feels like talking and try to understand what he's going through. Some people with DP don't have the understanding of friends or family, so that's a start. Stay strong yourself though; he needs your strength. Reassure him that everything is normal. He probably feels some comfort just from your familiarty and presence, so you're probably doing what you can already:)