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Does coffee/caffeine worsen dp for anyone else? I had a cup this morning, and I've been jittery and out of it all day. I used to be able to drink coffee at 1am and pass out w/o a problem. Now I feel like I'm crawling out of my skin! Anyone have a similar experience/advice for snapping out of it??

Re: coffee

Coffee is one of those odd contradictions. Even in people with depression, it can sometimes give you a brief lift, and at other times make you feel like you are going to pass out. Caffeine is, of course, a drug, so with every up there is a down. The up may either be a pleasant touch of mania or anxiety; the down may be the shakes, DPD like symptoms, or depressive symptoms. There has been a suggestion that for many people with DPD, a little coffee can help, just as a slight bit of an "upper" can help with their pharmaceutical treatment cocktails. If DPD is like being in a dream world, asleep but awake, stimulants can help to wake you up. But, it depends on the individual, and maybe you should switch to decafe.

Re: Re: coffee

On at least one occasion, caffeine helped me.

I was shopping, and the lighting was causing transient flares of dp/dr. After tolerating that for a while, I went to my car and chewed up 1/4 of a generic No-Doz tablet (about 50mg caffeine), and quickly stabilized and felt fine.

I also get panic attacks and anxiety, and I don't know that I'd try the same remedy if my dp/dr were flaring in one of those contexts.