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here I go again

Here I go again.....

The past 4 months I have been isolating again...this after a few years of lots of activity and travel.
I go out but notice my life is so mundane . I repeat the same places/things/people, visits over and over.
I feel stuck. Like I have already lived my life and see no future....
Thus, here it is again. DP. Panic sets in, nothing looks interesting, depression. Same old.
Today I went to the dark place again. I hope I can shake it.

Re: here I go again

Hi Robbie:
Two things to remember. First, DPD, like depression, is likely cyclical, at least in my opinion. If the DPD is linked to depression, then it is definitely cyclical. So perhaps it was time to come around again. Second, DPD is known to set in during a period of stillness, or rest, after a prolonged period of activity and engagement in life. So, considering the things you have been involved in, it is likely that it would occur now. As an observation, from your past postings, you seem to thrive on travel and activity, and things like enjoying the sunshine in Italy. So view this mundane period as a temporary respite before you get back the the kind of activity that saves you from the DPD.