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I sent this to the "ask the expert" section on, but I figured it might get answered more quickly here.

For the past four weeks I believe I have been suffering symptoms of depersonalization (detachment from reality, loss of emotional faculties, etc.), however, from what I have read most sufferers can not trace back their feelings to a specific moment (something I can do). It started with a drug experience in which I had a very bad reaction to a combination of potent drugs (cocaine, adderoll, and marijuana), and ever since I have been stuck in this rut. I have chalked it up to a variety of things: teenage hormones (I'm 16), possible beginnings of schizophrenia, paranoia, and many others, but nothing besides depersonalization seems to fit with my symptoms. Any chance that this is merely a reaction to a traumatic experience and will pass?

Re: help

Very good chance it will pass, get a docs checkup first just to rule any physical problems first that may cause DP. If all checks out try to relax and keep as busy as possible do not dwell on the feeling and it will slowly start to fade