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Re: I just want to go back to how I was!!!!!!!

I know what you're talking about; I've heard people say that possibly, DP is close to enlightenment. I don't think that is true. I imagine being "enlightened" would feel nice; DP does not feel nice in any way. DP is hellish and scary, because we ARE in reality, but don't feel like we are. It's like being stuck in a dream. So forget that zen stuff. There is a "you"; you are you. Your thoughts and actions don't "spring out of nowhere", it just feels that way. Your thoughts and actions come from the part of your brain that still works correctly. That's why people with DP can usually still work, carry on, etc. DP takes away the part of you that feels and recognizes itself. You can get it back. It takes time, and the first step is to stop reading stuff that scares or creeps you out. Anxiety perpetuates DP. Stop reading the Buddhism stuff for now. I've found with myself that those kinds of ideas do not bode well with DP. Try to remember the way you used to think and feel. If you dwell on the DP you will feed into it. Try exercising a lot and eating better; those things always help. These things have worked well for me, especially the lessening of anxiety and obsessing:)