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I think i have DP

I dont really know if i have it. Iv never been tested but all the symptoms that have been described, describe what i feel. The looking in the mirror and its looks like im a stranger, i just looks wierd i dont know how to fully describe it. The feeling of your surroundings being weird and bizzare that it everything is out of place, . And then life in general, i dont really know how to put it into words but ill try; ill be going about my day and all of a sudden its like,boom, and iv woken up... i cant tell if what has just been happened has been in my mind or whats going on. And then it feels like that im not looking through my eyes, but watching a movie in first person i guess? is this just me or?? also trying to remember what happens like 4 hours ago, doesnt seem like 4 hours ago it seems like days, time seems to go so slow.. any one else out there have the same symptoms as me?

Re: I think i have DP

These symptoms sound like DP to me.What do you think is the cause? Have you been to a doctor/psychiatrist to find out what is the diagnosis. Its always best to first seek professional advice, before coming to a conclusion.