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Re: me again


I am not on a Paxil withdrawal, because I only take 2,5 mg a day since 5 days. So it's not that. I DO feel confused since I started it. I don't like the confusion effect. I actually HATE it. And I took it 9 months and I was derealized more than ever. I was in a big bubble. No time, nothing. BUT, I wasn't crying and wasn't too aware, so people thought I was better. But my memory was a mess. So it's hard for me to return to Paxil. The only thing I can think of positive is that it calmed me a bit, and helped a tiny bit depersonalization (NOT derealization!!!)

And, each time I stop a work, I feel confused and more derealized. So imagine stopping working AND starting Paxil. It's hell in my head.

I will try to taper off Ritalin slowly, maybe taking it by tiny bits would be better than taking just 1 in the morning, 1 at noon, and the rest at 5 PM. Maybe I need to take by tiny bits.

P.S. By psychiatrist don't know how to taper ANY meds. He actually one day told me to taper off 10 mg Paxil in ONE week!!!! I was so ill!!! And I can't see no other psychiatrist. Sad but true! I am in a small small town.

Re: Re: me again

hmmmm thats you have any larger cities around you?because i think your shrink is cant taper off of paxil that really need to find someone who can find the right meds for do you have add?

Re: Re: Re: me again

No, I have dp/dr since 4 years, since my delivery.

They gave me ritalin to help my ad which was prozac at the time. Now I am on 2,5 mg paxil (just started) since 1 week. I took Paxil 20 mh in the past, it didn't helpr, just depression and a bit of dp.

I am in a state that even if I take ritalin, I feel like I miss thing like dissociation, and I hate to talk, don't ask me why. I don't know, I don't like to ear my voice. I feel horrible, don't have the taste for nothing, nothing. I eat not much, I am not hungry, I lost 15 lbs. My pressure is low.

I really HAVE to stop ritalin, but nobody tell me how to make it quick!!!

And ****ed klonopin.... supposed to take 1 mg,75 a day, and when I take too ritalin I take too much Klonopin, up to 2 mg a day.

I hate myself.

I wake up stressed, confused, ashamed.