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wats ur IQ

i read on hear that dp usually happens to intectually ppl, i was just wondering what your IQ is, mine is 120(one of the online tests i took)

Re: wats ur IQ

The early literature on DPD often stated that people who were above average intelligence, or more sensitive in general, were more susceptible to DPD. Many researchers still hold that belief, but probably because such people are already prone to obsessive self-analysis or existential questioning. The fact is that DP can affect anyone; the way in which they interpret it is what makes a differene. The more intelligent person is more troubled as they search for answers. The less intelligent might simply know that they feel out of sorts in some way and then try to treat the feelings in their own manner, by drinking too much or taking illicit drugs etc.

Re: wats ur IQ

I have IQ test scores ranging from 140 to 148.

Sometimes -- not at all predictably -- "changes" seem to cause my dp/dr to "flare." So, going from one room to another can suddenly evoke the sensation that I'm dreaming, and that the room I just left is hours in the past.

What that may obliquely have to do with "intellect": I can also get a "blip" of that feeling if I'm day-dreaming or planning something, and then abruptly "change" my focus to what I'm actually doing (fixing a meal, or whatever).