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Re: Wellbutrin or nothing at all???

sometimes it does take a period of trial and error with meds, and possibly no meds at all for a bit, for your brain to try to find its way back to what is normal for you. Keep trying, and be good to yourself, patient with yourself. But remember what i said initially--- there seems to be some sort of connection between your birthing experience and the onset of DPD. That is something that should be explored further by and expert. Hang in there.

Re: Re: Wellbutrin or nothing at all???

Thanks a lot Jeff. I have read somewhere that sometimes, Wellbutrin acts like a stimulant, for me it's better than something that puts me in a fog. So maybe... when I will be finished with ritalin.

Thanks for being there. I need to feel less alone.


Re: Re: Re: Wellbutrin or nothing at all???

No, you are not alone...