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Stuck with zopiclone, ritalin and klonopin and confused

I am ****ed confused....depressed....I have to taper off ritalin, but it is hard!!!! Especially when I realize that I became stupid with this med and whil on it, I feel good for one hour.... it seems that I can taper off now bc it's psychological, but I take 70 mg a day, supposed to take 40. Sometimes I can take only 50 mg, but when I feel confused, like today, and I feel disoriented, I am sure my brain will never be the same and ritalin killed my brain. but.... 60 mg is the standard dose, I didn't take coke or something.... or heroin, but I feel sometimes so out of time, and ritalin doesn't help.

I am addict of klonopin too, 2mg and I would like not to take any, but if i don't take it, I feel I will die from depression. And ****ed sleep pills!

How can I taper all that and feel good again??? I feel dp/dr too, and have no job for the moment... I feel scared you know. Don't want to go into rehab.... want to do it at home.